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Sea Life in a New Life

Asbury Ocean Club


A Seaside Escape
With A New Point of View

Life by the sea should feel effortless. Which is why amenities at Asbury Ocean Club are all-encompassing and designed for your pleasure. The Pool & Garden Terrace is the perfect place to take a lap or stretch out in the sun, with sweeping ocean views as your backdrop. A poolside bar and grill and an outdoor lounge with a fire pit make it an ideal gathering spot anytime of year, from sunny summer mornings to cozy autumn evenings. Inside you’ll find a fitness center featuring yoga studio, spa, and playroom; meeting spaces; and a screening room, which all make your to-dos accessible and easy. Concierges are on-call always, for any request–from wrangling concert tickets to grocery shopping and stocking your fridge.

Have friends in town? An on-site boutique hotel means you’ve got guest rooms on demand, no matter how many loved ones want to visit. And as an added bonus, some of the finest local businesses are right in your building. When you live at Asbury Ocean Club, the best of Asbury Park is always at your fingertips.

The Pool & Garden is the
perfect place to take a lap
or stretch out in the sun,
with sweeping ocean views
as your backdrop.


Well-being is personal

For centuries, the sea has been where we instinctively escape in search of restoration. Something about the fresh air, the boundless blue, seems to heal and revive, calm the body while recharging the mind. In a modern world, our ailments may be different – screens and stress and desks, oh my – but the key to a cure still lies oceanside.

More specifically at Asbury Ocean Club, where feeling your best is a five-star art and wellness is anything but one-size-fits-all. “For us, wellness always starts with looking at an individual’s deeper needs,” says Denise Gaylord, Salt Hotel’s resident wellness coach. “Then it’s about finding the right balance between settling down and inspiring you to challenge yourself – catering to the person while also connecting them to the environment they’re in.”

And what an environment it is. As soon as you walk in, you’re treated to the most inspiring vista: The lobby doors open out onto an expansive pool deck, with the ocean stretching endlessly behind it.

With its magical views, the whole of the beach as its font yard, and some of the most creatively designed spaces on the shore, this is not your average spa. “It’s about taking something essential, and personal – and making it marvelous and cool,” says Gaylord. And ultimately, that’s what makes it Asbury Ocean Club. So if wellness is what you seek, we’ve found your perfect escape.


Ready to relax? You might want to start with some pampering at the spa. Or head straight to your room, where the “fantasy beach house in the sky” vibe is guaranteed to bring an instant Zen to your stay. Each room comes equipped with its own micro-apothecary featuring handpicked products from artisanal brands like Palmero Body, Grown Alchemist, and MiN New York. Be sure to take a moment to appreciate Dune Road, the exclusive scent developed in collaboration with the latter, which is basically the beauty of the sea in a bottle. When it’s time for zzz’s, peruse your Sleep Menu where pillows, aromatherapy, herbal teas, and guided meditations and customized sound machines let you tailor the way you’d like to be lulled into dreamland.


Get the best sleep of your life and you’re bound to wake up ready to take on the day. For those who like to sweat, a Morning Wellbeing Program offers it up every which way, from yoga and tai chi to meditation and beach runs. Be sure to grab a fresh-squeezed juice and other local fare at the Breakfast Bar. A fitness center with state-of-the-art equipment is open for exercise anytime of day – and if you prefer to work out in your room, tablets with streaming classes from sources like Pelaton make it easy. Any and all necessary accoutrements, including yoga mats and workout clothes, can be sent up to your room.


This is Asbury Park – inspiration is everywhere. See the town while getting an insider’s POV on a guided run lef by a local fitness leader. Beach cruiser and bike tours also provide a unique vantage point of the city. Wander the hotel grounds to check out the custom art from local artists, or join up for a morning journaling session. And if kicking back on the beach is where you get the best ideas, ask your personal Beach Bellperson to set you up with everything you need for the day.


There are drink menus, and then there are drink masterpieces – a collection of sips so perfectly curated, so utterly complementary to the mood and the moment, it must be appreciated as an art.

At Asbury Ocean Club, the librations are nothing short of inspired, with every gathering space offering an entirely different vibe. In the gallery bar, a list of vintage tipples hearkens back to the heyday of seaside luxury. Our cocktail menu here was inspired by actual 1950s menus from Asbury Park. Simple, elegant, and luxurious – all made with the absolute freshest ingredients.

Now, on to the twists. Out on the pool deck, as you lounge in the sun, a granita cart floats by as if conjured by a reverie. A type of shaved ice, this classic Italian refreshment has a way of transporting you to a Mediterranean resort with a single taste. Don’t be shy about getting yours spiked – Limoncello, Chambord, Tuaca, and other spirits add the perfect kick.

Evenings bring another roaming bar cart to the Drawing Room – this one serving champagne. Sip some bubbly solo, or in a champagne cocktail, as you read a book by the fireplace, listen to the baby grand, or catch up with a friend over some charcuterie. Guaranteed the Champagne Cart will appear again when it’s time for a refill.

There are surprises in store, but you’ll have to sip for yourself – discovering them is half the delight.

A signature cocktail instpired
by Asbury Park

When setting out to create a signature cocktail, Mordan Dickerson of Asbury Ocean Club had on iconic moment in mind. It’s the feeling of being on the boardwalk sunset, when the sky turns that beautiful pink. Boasting a lovely gin from local fave Asbury Park Distilling Co., The Boardwalk cocktail captures the vibrant essence of the setting while maintaining the breezy lightness of being at the beach. Quite possibly the perfect summer drink.

The Boardwalk

2 oz. Grapefruit Juice
1.5 oz. Lillet Blanc
1 oz. Asbury Park Distillery Gin
1 oz. Rose Simple Syup
Splash of Club Soda

Add all ingredients to a shaker. Shake and strain into a wine glass over ice. Garnish with grapefruit brulee and spring of thyme.

The Wait
Is Over

The Story of Asbury Park is a Story About Vision, Persistence, and-above-all-passion. In short, it’s a story about falling in love with Asbury Park.

The site on Ocean Ave. has been long languishing, when real estate company iStar stepped in. Having been involved in the community for over a decade, the group recognized the site’s inherent magic set about bringing together a dream team to design the ultimate beach house in the sky.

The 17-story building – with its all-encompassing vistas, soundtrack of lapping surf, and stunning spaces – feels like an idyllic universe in which the only demand on you is to daydream. With an integrated hotel on the fourth floor, residents benefit from both the additional amenities and an in-house option when guests are in town.

Now, with the final touches in place, the Asbury Ocean Club is set to open its doors, and homes – including seven penthouses and two villas. While residences really must be seen to be believed, we caught up with visionary designer and creative director Anda Andrei to get a taste of some of the things you’ll see on your tour.


Just 70 minutes outside of New York City, and a wold a way from everything. “It’s a feeling you usually have to traevl very far to experience,” says Andrei. “That feeling of being up high, surrounded by ocean – at the beach while also in the city.”


“The classic beach look is all-white,” notes Andrei. “But here you have fall and winter as well. So we’ve balanced beachy elements with cozy, homey touches, and considered the way the landscape shifts. Every season will bring beautiful surprises.”


Residences are elegantly designed with carefully chosen details, while intentionally allowing for interpretation. “Whether your style is traditional or modern or minimalist, we wanted to create a canvas that would work for you.”


The views from each location give each home a slightly different feel – but remain spectacular in every direction. “On the higher floors, you feel like you’re floating. It’s just endless water and sky. But on the lower floors, you get the view of the waves breaking and the sand, which feels very intimate and dynamic,” says Andrei. “But everywhere you are, you get that sparkling light reflecting off the ocean. It makes every space feel magical.”