What’s your connection to AP?

I grew up in Brick, NJ before moving to NYC to attend art school at Parsons School of Design. I had my senior prom in the Berkeley in ’86. In the early ’90s I remember visiting the skate park in the Carousel and playing gigs here with one of my various bands. I’ve always loved it here. My wife and I started visiting again, about five years ago, and quickly decided to permanently move to the Asbury Park area.

Why do you think public art is important?

The thing I love about art—and especially public art—is that it’s a dialogue, not a lecture. Especially in small cities like Asbury Park, people are really engaged.

In your perspective, what’s the AP art scene like?

In my experience so far, this town is a bona fide music town, and that artistic cross-pollination is really exciting for me. The graffiti is absolutely world class, but the rest of the art scene is still in its infancy. You can see it changing, though. I think it’s going to become as exciting as the music scene.

We heard that you also work with the Boys and Girls Club?

Lately I’ve been going to the local chapter every Tuesday to paint locker doors and garbage cans for around town. Every kid has their own style of doing things—it’s really cool to give them the experience of creating something for other people to enjoy.

What do you think Asbury Ocean Club brings to the community?

Asbury Park has this great complexity and diversity of options. Asbury Ocean Club brings a really high level of game to the conversation—but it’s still speaking to people who are going to come here because they love this city and love the community.

What do you hope to accomplish with your work for Asbury Ocean Club?

A guiding principle for my all work is the idea that art provides a moment of thoughtful reflection and that is, in itself, an act of kindness.

Visit georgebatesstudio.com to learn more.

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