Vintage fabrics find a new life at Patriae.

If anyone understands the desire to preserve and protect the most beloved bits of a place’s history, it’s the people of Asbury Park. So it stands to reason that Patriae (which means “Fatherlands” in Latin) fits right in.

The shop on Bangs Ave. features original handmade goods—think totes, tops, and runners—made from vintage and repurposed fabrics, sourced by founder Barbara Pisch. Slovakian-born and Jersey-raised, Pisch began collecting the homespun antique hemp and linen on trips back to Eastern Europe, where—at the time—the textiles had no value and were being discarded by the bolt.

“I started collecting the fabric just because I loved it. Every single thread was handwoven… made by women who were my ancestors. There’s story and history in every stitch. I just felt I had to save it, give it a new life,” she says.

Woven between the early 19th and 20th centuries, the durable textiles are organic (as a natural extension of their age and small family farm origin), and machine washable. And while the raw materials may belong to a different time, their final forms are modern, chic, and elegantly conceived.

Patriae’s own pieces are complemented by a well-curated assortment of products by other makers, including soaps, vintage bandanas, and accessories, handpicked by Pisch. But no matter what piece you pick up, there’s a story behind it. And that’s what makes a stop in Patriae feel like a true treasure hunt.

Visit to learn more or drop by the light and airy store/studio space in Asbury Park.

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