Once called the 'Jewel of the Jersey Shore,' Asbury Park has been re-discovered and re-invigorated. A sparkling mix of the city and the sand, this gem is enticing to both locals and city dwellers looking for new prospects now more than ever.
A jewel is found and istar makes it shine again
Welcome to
the club
Asbury Ocean Club shows the wave of progress for Asbury Park. Part residential, hotel, and boutique stores, it will be an urban oasis for the community. Dive in.
The boardwalk gets majestic
become locals
Monroe reflects the past of Asbury Park with a modern day twist. Designed by the eye of a former local, this building is both a contemporary masterpiece and a love letter to the town from his childhood.
A new place to call home
An old hotel
brings new life
The Asbury mashes up Asbury Park's Victorian-era history, rock-n-roll present, and shiny future into a new kind of social hub. Inside the Asbury, our lobby is the action-filled center of the hotel with everything designed for perpetual motion.
The Asbury Hotel
New ground is broken
iStar adds infrastructure, laying the groundwork for waterfront development. Vive, the first residential offering, sells out in one day.
A gem is restored
Extensive renovation saves boardwalk landmarks, including the Paramount Theatre and Convention Hall, and the waterfront revitalization begins in earnest.
the Paramount Theatre
The Boss
takes over Asbury
Rock-and-roll legend Bruce Springsteen debuts his first album, Greetings from Asbury Park.
Bruce Springsteen on Lake Avenue
Strike a chord
Asbury Lanes, the iconic music venue and classic bowling alley, opens.
the pool at the Empress Hotel
Asbury finds a voice
WJLK, broadcasting out of the Press Building on Mattison Avenue, becomes the first FCC-licensed New Jersey station and one of 75 FM stations nationwide.
the Asbury Park Press building
Tragedy becomes
a treasure
Cruise ship SS Morro Castle catches fire and beaches itself just yards from the Asbury Park Convention Hall, becoming a popular attraction unto itself.
Cruise Ship SS Morro Castle
A fashionable place
Steinbach opens on the corner of Cookman and Mattison Avenues to become the largest department store in any resort.
Steinbach department store
Lady Luck
finds treasure
The Casino, deisgned by city architect William Cottrell, is built at Lake and Asbury Avenues.
the casino on the water
A jewel is discovered
Asbury becomes a city. More than 600,000 ride the New York and Long Branch railroads to vacation in oceanfront Asbury Park in the summertime.
A Palace is built
on a lake
Ernest Schnitzler builds the Palace Merry-Go-Round on Lake Avenue and Kingsley, beginning what will become Palace Amusements.
Palace Amusements
A Bishop
finds treasure
James A. Bradley, a New York brush manufacturer, buys a 500-acre tract of woodland for $90,000. He names it after Bishop Francis Asbury.
Bishop Francis Asbury