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4th of July Fireworks
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A Rest Stop for Artists
Fifth News Headline
This is a place of discovery. A place to wander and find a striking beach town. You have music that moves with the rhythm of ocean waves. Exotic smells from gourmet restaurants. There is the rumble of dancing feet from the boardwalk to hotel rooftops. The experience starts at the welcome sign but ends realizing you just found a second home.
Visit for a weekend. Stay for a lifetime.
In the 'grand' tradition of Asbury Park
Your ultimate beach house
      and surfside resort
Asbury Ocean Club Surfside Resort and Residences brings a whole new meaning to living both the beach life and the high life. With spectacular, sweeping ocean views, the 17 story tower features all the amenities any modern family could wish for. Elegant and luxurious, this is the most highly anticipated waterfront residential project on the east coast. The good news is the wait is soon over—sales are planned to begin this summer.
Where the sand, the sun, and the surf converge, there’s a city where summer starts and never ends. Out here, it’s a stae of mind: effortless, epic, and a little bit more electric. A constant current of good tunes, good food, and good moods – all you have to do is let it carry you.
Breathing in new life to the legendary Lanes
Restoring Asbury Lanes was a labor of love
Asbury Park is reclaiming the gathering place, Asbury Lanes that many consider its beating heart. After a loving restoration keeping many of the original features, Asbury Lanes is reopening as the same anything-goes local hangout it always was – and reborn as a state-of-the-art music venue whose wild history permeates every square foot.
Greetings from the next big thing
A place to wander
in wonder
Become a local
   for the weekend
Don’t let the vibe fool you. It is a hotel. It just happens to feel like a giant bungalow. As one of the keys in the renaissance of Asbury Park, this hotel has already become legendary. Ranked #1 in its first year – it’s a playground for adults in an extraordinary sandbox. Some like to come and visit but this playdate will have you yearning to stay much longer.
A haven for those that love both sand and city
Crafted from the past. Designed for the future
A beautiful past is given a modern story
Monroe has turned weekenders into residents. Designed by the eye of a former local, this building is both a contemporary gem and a love letter to the town from his childhood.
It's so much closer than you think
70 minutes? That’s nothing to get a whole new perspective. By train or car it is a short distance to a long vacation. The weight of the city life can always use a fresh dip in sand. Some people get inspiration from the sound of waves, others from the sound of music. We have both in abundance. Boredom is not our strong suit. Get here fast, play hard and sleep it off as an adopted local. We are the best neighbor you ever had.